10 of My Favorite Music Video (Ever)

Just back to the old time when I’m on senior high school, everyday when I got back to home after studied in school then I laid my back just rest and watching MTV, many cool music video was created at that time which I think more quality than the present music video.

Some I remember enough, and here a chart of list of my favorite music video ever, descending from 10th to 1st, check it out …

10. Misery by Soul Asylum

Simple video, told about the process of record CD from the track recording until it ready to sell.

9. Estranged by Guns N’ Roses

Cool music video with a long music duration. The scene I like it is when Slash played guitar solo on water.

8. Stay (Far away so close) by U2

Another simple video that I like, with grayscale and simplicity concept video.

7. Army of me by Bjork

Another video with a strong story concept and effect, I adore the apocalyptic feel of the music on this track.

6. Around the world by Oasis

This video is full of artistic design effect, it’s about an animation concept video.

5. Right here right now by Fatboy Slim

When the evolution going to be wrong. Cool concept and effect with unpredictable evolution in the end.

4. Yellow by Cold Play

One take shot video concept, I like it.

3. Karma Police by Radiohead

One of my favorite band. I don’t understand the stories when the first time I saw this video (what the hell people doing, running away from police chasing), but when you read the lyric and link to the video, yeah .. I got the idea. Love it.

2. Jeremy by Pearl Jam

This video got many criticisms because of their unusual video concept, just great.

1. Praise you by Fatboy Slim

Here it is my very favorite video, with very awesome original concept video. One take shot live public performance. The unique is peoples in the video scene (except the dancers) didn’t realize that they were shot for music video, and if you watch carefully you can see Norman Cook (a.k.a Fatboy Slim) there. Well .. can’t say anymore just watch it.

Have another favorite video? Or just have a different opinion about the above music video? Feel free to share it at comment form.


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