10 Things about WordPress Content Creation

10 things to know about WordPress content creation.

1.) Make a post sticky

If you want a post to be on the front page above all other posts, you can make it sticky. To do this, go the the post’s edit page. Under the Publish panel, click [edit] to the right of Visibility and check the box “Stick this post to the front page”.

2.) Require a password to view a post

You can password protect a posts individually. To do this, go the post’s edit page. Under the Publish panel, click [edit] to the right of Visibility and click the radio box “Password protected” and type a password to view this page. When someone tries to go to this page they’ll be prompted with a password to access.

3.) Schedule posts for the future

Many times you may find yourself writing multiple posts at once, yet it’s best to moderate the frequency of your publishing. This has multiple benefits. To do this, go the the post’s edit page. Under the Publish panel, click [edit] to the right of Publish and set a time in the future for when the post will go live.

4.) Make images “web friendly”

It’s best to make your images larger than they need to be on the page. This means if you took a photo with your digital camera, you should resize it before uploading it to WordPress. Here’s a great Windows add-on for this: http://imageresizer.codeplex.com/

5.) Re-use the same images when possible

You don’t have to upload the same image again if you’ve already uploaded it. From the post edit page, click the [Add an image] icon. Click on the Media Library tab at the top and select an uploaded image.

6.) Spell check your posts and pages

Sometimes even proofreading your content multiple times isn’t enough for mistakes to slip. Use After The Deadline plugin to not only check your spelling, but also check your grammar. You can install it by itself or as the JetPack package (recommended).

7.) Copy and Paste your Microsoft Word content properly

When copying and pasting content from Microsoft Word, many times you’ll get unwanted characters and formatting in your WordPress. If you’re writing your posts in Microsoft Word before posting to WordPress you should be using the Import from Microsoft Word functionality of the TinyMCE editor.

8.) Link to other posts quickly

New to WordPress 3.1 is the ability to search your old posts and add them as a link to a new post. From the post edit page, click the link icon in the TinyMCE editor and click [Or link to existing content]. Here you can search your old posts, click on the post to link and then [Add link].

9.) Easily search and embed content from the web

Researching content for your posts can be painstaking and long. Using the Insights plugin you can easily embed images from Flickr, videos from Youtube, search Wikipedia and more, without ever leaving your blog post. Install the Insights plugin to do this.

10.) Write content for the web

Too many times people write their content like white papers or press releases. The easier users can digest your posts, the more likely they’ll read more of your content and share it. This topic is big and important, so here’s a place to start and a place to explore more.

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