5 Best Free Minimalist & Clean WordPress Theme

As a WordPress user and fan of minimalist design, I often to search WordPress theme with minimalist & clean design as my inspiration and reference for my blog. Actually at this moment there’s a lot of WordPress theme with minimalist & clean design, whether is as a free theme or as a premium theme. Just typing a keyword “minimalist wordpress theme” at Google it will be resulting a hundred list of site/blog which talk/review about that theme.

From so many WordPress minimalist & clean design theme, I found and interesting for a few of theme that really nice and good in typography and the best part of this is .. it’s free to download. So according my opinion here’s a five best minimalist & clean Worpdress theme design, check this out ..

1. Modern-Clix


WordPress theme created by Argentinean designer, Rodrigo Galindez, one of my favorite designer. This theme has a three column with contrast color composition, black & white. Anchor text (link) also colored black but it marked by bold and the color will change when it hovered, little bit reduce the accessibility. But in general this theme still looks very awesome.

Demo & download http://rodrigogalindez.com/themes/modern-clix/

2. The Ideal Website


The Ideal Website theme from Information Architects (iA) (website owned by Oliver Reichenstein). The unique is iA share this theme design freely as a WordPress theme. It’s worth to try for a fan of minimalist design, especially from the producer of iA3 premium theme, theme that already had an achievement from some of design site like Web Designer Wall and Spyre Studios.

Information http://www.informationarchitects.jp/en/

3. Modernist


This theme create by Rodrigo Galindez too. The release of this theme is doing by Smashing Magazine, one of the biggest online magazine in the world, on August 2010.

Demo & Download http://www.rodrigogalindez.com/themes/modernist/

4. Grid Focus


Theme created by Derek Punsalan from 5thirtyone. Just like the name this theme is focus on grid typography, with three layout column and unique navigation in above and below content, very comfortable to see.

Information http://5thirtyone.com/grid-focus/

5. Manifest


This is a theme that has very minimalist typography than the other minimalist theme above. Only had one column, most elegant with the other theme, it’s suitable for a fan of super minimalist design.

Information http://jimbarraud.com/manifest/

From the above five theme described, I like most is Modern-Clix theme, the design is very ease and nice to see, and of course I use it as my blog theme.

Anyway if you had any minimalist & clean theme reference other than the above five theme please to share it at comment below.

Happy Blogging. 🙂


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