Selamat datang di blog, info, dan situs resmi Saya.
Siapa saya? Tak kenal maka tak sayang, saya lahir di Jakarta sekarang menetap di Cikarang, Indonesia .. tidak berafiliasi dengan band apapun, klik di sini untuk lebih mengenal saya. Terima kasih telah berkunjung.

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Fix Twitter URL/Hypertext Link on Modern-Clix

Modern-Clix is a great simple & clean WordPress theme, I had no doubt about the typeface and typography design of this theme created by Argentinean Rodrigo Galindez. This theme is one of my favorite theme and I use it as my blog theme, of course after I modified so it can be suit with my blog need. One that I’ve been modify is a twitter link that in default is the url/hypertext link inactive. Continue reading…

5 Best Free Minimalist & Clean WordPress Theme

As a WordPress user and fan of minimalist design, I often to search WordPress theme with minimalist & clean design as my inspiration and reference for my blog. Actually at this moment there’s a lot of WordPress theme with minimalist & clean design, whether is as a free theme or as a premium theme. Just typing a keyword “minimalist wordpress theme” at Google it will be resulting a hundred list of site/blog which talk/review about that theme. Continue reading…

10 Useful WordPress Security Tweaks

Security has always been a hot topic. Offline, people buy wired homes, car alarms and gadgets to bring their security to the max. Online, security is important, too, especially for people who make a living from websites and blogs. In this article, we’ll show you some useful tweaks to protect your WordPress-powered blog. Continue reading…

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