I’m Not Ok Today But Everything It’s Just Fine

Not just like as usually, today my mind, heart & body felt down. My mind can’t focus and concentrate much better, my heart was terrible and complicated, and my body was not in a good fit and shape. :-((

So why that’s could be happens? The problem and situation is struck me from every different way, which is I can’t describe one by one at this moment. Just like a graphic chart, right now the progress was definitely straight to down under.

But anything that situation and problem was, I still believe and must believe that I can fight and stand up straight to up above with spirit and honor … and says..

“I can get through this, I’m not ok today but everything its just fine”.

Yeahhh, Tetaph Semangathhh…!! 🙂


a husband & father who like to blogging, learn to code, wordpress enthusiasm, little bit twitter and facebook, winning eleven fan, eager to move forward for better knowledge.

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