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Siapa saya? Besar di Jakarta hijrah ke Cikarang, Indonesia .. tidak berafiliasi dengan band apapun ;) klik di sini untuk lebih mengenal saya. Semoga blog sederhana ini bisa bermanfaat, terima kasih sobat telah mau berkunjung :)

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Rumah Baru Harapan Baru

Senin tanggal 19 September 2011 sekitar jam 21.00 WIB saya dan keluarga akhirnya menempati rumah yang selama ini dinanti, rumah BTN kecil sederhana di perum Wahana Cikarang Bekasi.

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10 Things about WordPress Theme Modification

10 things to know about WordPress theme modification.

1. Widgets enable drag and drop functionality for content or plugins (usually sidebar / footer)

This is a bit basic, but I still find that a lot of people don’t exactly know what widgets are – or how they can use them. Your WordPress theme has to support widgets, but if you go to “Appearance->Widgets” in your WP dashboard admin, you’ll see that areas that you can drag and drop widgets to. WordPress natively has some core widgets available (like pages, categories, tags, recent posts), and a lot of plugins have their own widgets as well. Read More…

10 Things about WordPress Content Creation

10 things to know about WordPress content creation.

1.) Make a post sticky

If you want a post to be on the front page above all other posts, you can make it sticky. To do this, go the the post’s edit page. Under the Publish panel, click [edit] to the right of Visibility and check the box “Stick this post to the front page”.

2.) Require a password to view a post

You can password protect a posts individually. To do this, go the post’s edit page. Under the Publish panel, click [edit] to the right of Visibility and click the radio box “Password protected” and type a password to view this page. When someone tries to go to this page they’ll be prompted with a password to access. Read More…

10 WordPress Plugins to Install by Default

Having installed and configured thousands of WordPress web sites over the years, our list of WordPress plugins to install by default changes from time to time. This particular list however has been pretty much the same for a very long time, except for the addition of 2 new official WordPlugins for 2011. Check it out..

1. Akismet Akismet is the world’s most popular anti-spam plugin, created specifically for fighting “blog spam”, “comment spam”, etc. It’s an official WordPress plugin, and to use it all you have to do is signup for a free WordPress.com account and use the free API key to register it. You can download Akismet here, or just install from the “Add Plugins” dialogue of your WordPress dashboard. Read More…

10 Things about WordPress Security

10 things to know about WordPress security.

1.) Hide WordPress files

Don’t allow hackers to find your WordPress, hide them. Here’s a simple trick to help hide WordPress files to the public: http://ox.no/posts/hiding-wordpress-installation-files

2.) Excellent password practices

It’s important to use secure passwords for your WordPress sites (this includes your database password when installing WordPress). Here’s a great site for creating passwords: http://www.safepasswd.com Read More…

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