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10 Things about Choosing a WordPress Theme

10 things to know about choosing a wordPress theme.

1. Never search Google for Free WordPress themes

The bulk of the “free” themes in Google are full of spam links or infected with malware. Only use free themes from the offical WordPress repository, or reputable theme directories (linked by highly regarded members of the WP community).

2. The more professional your layout is, the higher your conversion rate will be

Usability studies show that the more professional your graphics and layout, the higher the perceived value and “trust” will be by visitors to your web site. When choosing a theme be sure that your design is as professional as possible. Read More…

10 Things About SettingUp & Installing WordPress

10 Things to know about setting up and installing WordPress.
1. Simple WordPress Install

WordPress is really easy to install. After you have your webhost here’s the quick and dirty on getting WordPress installed. (WordPress shows 5 steps, but you really only need to follow 4, I’ll explain this below.)

a.) Download WordPress

b.) Create a database and user

c.) Upload WordPress files to your webhost

d.) Follow the on screen step-by-step WordPress instructions

Here’s a video to show you all of these steps for 1and1 webhosting: Read More…

10 Things About Web Hosting + WordPress

10 Things to know about web hosting + WordPress

1. Choose a web host by reading complaints in official support forums

If you want to find out what web hosting company is the best, the last thing you want to do is look for “reviews”. All web hosting review sites are paid an affiliate commission if you click and signup through their link.

What you really want to do is see if they have an skeletons in their closet. Most web hosting companies have official forums for support, and most are public (and indexed by search engines). See what the most common complaints are, and if support is responsive. You could also Google the name of the web host you’re interested in with search terms like “issues”, “problem”, “broken”, “horrible”, or even “sucks”. Read More…

Benchmark Battle: Chrome vs. IE vs. Firefox

There’s no doubt the latest crop of stable browsers from Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are the best the companies have ever produced. But how do they perform when tested under identical conditions?

Herewith a benchmark by CNET that put the latest stable versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer through a gauntlet of benchmarks that considered JavaScript and HTML5 performance, as well as boot times and memory usage. (Opera and Safari were not tested because they have not been updated recently, and neither has yet implemented hardware acceleration close to the level that the other three browsers have.) Read More…

Baru! .. Firefox 4.0, Kembalinya Cinta Yang Hilang

Apaan sich, koq judulnya pakai cinta-cintaan segala, lalu apa hubungannya dengan Mozilla Firefox? He he he .. itu cuma khiasan aja gan, secara sebelumnya Firefox merupakan browser favorite saya, namun semenjak munculnya browser dari Google saya beralih ke Chrome sebagai default browser di computer saya.

Terakhir saya menggunakan Firefox 3.6 sebelum berpaling ke Chrome, dikarenakan kejenuhan akan tampilan Firefox dan proses membuka sebuah situs yang kalah cepat dengan Chrome yang membuat saya beralih browser. Read More…

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